Why Hiring a Coach Will Help You Think and Run Like a Winner

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Do you ever wonder why you can nail your goal race pace on a training run, but you continually fall apart mid race? You may have great training runs, but if you can’t eliminate the negative self talk and get your head in the race then you will continue to fall short of your racing goals. Working with a running coach will help you learn how to focus on your race and eliminate the negative chatter in your head.

So many runners get anxious as they await the starting line that they begin to think of all the reasons they might have a bad race. They literally talk themselves into having a bad race without even realizing what they are doing. However, runners who work with a coach feel more confident going into a race because they believe in their ability to perform.

Coaching is more than just writing a training program to get you ready for a race. In addition to providing you with workouts, your coach will help you develop the mental skills you need to stay focused. Your running coach wants you to race well just as much as you do. A good coach will listen to your concerns and fears and then address them. Your coach may even provide you with additional resources to help build your mental toughness.

Coaching is no longer just for elite runners or student athletes. Working with a running coach is a great way to take your running to another level. A coach will help you stay on track with your training by holding you accountable and providing motivation.

Have you ever thought about working with a coach? I’m now taking a select few coaching clients. I will support you in reaching your running goals with a customized training plan, nutritional coaching, and bi-weekly coaching calls. Interested? Click Here to complete the questionnaire and let’s get started!


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