One Simple Tool to Take your Training to Another Level

You put in a lot of time and miles getting ready for your races. Your daily training runs insure that you will be physically prepared to go the distance. But did you know that mental preparation is just as important as physical preparation? Visualization is one of the simplest tools to get you get ready […]

How to Use Your Imagination to Have a Great Race

Visualization is a tool you can your to run a better race. It as simple as imagining yourself having a successful race. It is just as important that you show up to your race mentally prepared to run as it is physically prepared to run. If you have never practiced visualization you will be surprised […]

Why Hiring a Coach Will Help You Think and Run Like a Winner

Do you ever wonder why you can nail your goal race pace on a training run, but you continually fall apart mid race? You may have great training runs, but if you can’t eliminate the negative self talk and get your head in the race then you will continue to fall short of your racing […]

Want to Run a Great Race? Don’t Skip This One Step!

Call it nerves or pre-race jitters, but I see too many people talk themselves into having a bad race. They are trained, they have the ability and yet they allow fear to take control as they approach the starting line. You hear them say things like: “I really don’t like this distance” or “I don’t […]

Race Plans: Why You Need One and How to Make It

The other day I did a Facebook Live video on race plans. If you missed it Click Here to watch it or you can read on to to learn more if you prefer.  If you are spending countless hours training for your next race, but failing to make a race plan then you are doing […]

How to Stay Mentally Tough During a Race

Besides being well trained and physically prepared to race, all successful runners know how to harness the power of mental toughness. They know that no matter how much they have physically prepared for a race, there will always be those moments in a race that they will have to ask them themselves to dig deep […]

How to Accomplish Your Running Goals: 5 Simple Steps

Whether you are laser focused and on track with your training or your workout train never left the station or you’re somewhere in between, accomplishing your running goals presents its own set of challenges. I have put together the following video to show you how to create a simple step by step system to keep […]

Consistency Starts With Your Attitude

This past week over on my Facebook page we have been discussing how to get more consistent in your training. I shared with you three tips to help you break out of the rut and get to running on a consistent basis.  In our discussions on Facebook we talked about the importance of your attitude […]

How to Keep Running Fun

All week over on my Facebook page we have been discussing how comparison can steal the joy you once found in running. And the crazy thing is that it will creep in before you realize it’s happened. For many of us runners, our training runs become our escape, our endorphins fix. Then we discover races and […]

Avoid Doing This and Watch Your Running Improve!

There are lots of things we should avoid that definitely will help improve our training such as cotton socks, ill fitting shoes, over training, too much sugar, etc…you get the idea. But today I want to talk with you about something that I believe is even more important running in the wrong shoes!  Quit comparing […]