Learn How to Make Your Own Electrolyte Recovery Drink!

Ditch the expensive sports drinks. Ditch the mystery ingredients. Ditch the unwanted sugar.


  • Quick and Easy to Make!
  • Save money with the DIY Recipe!
  • Use natural ingredients you already have!
  • Perfect for sensitive stomachs!


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When running solo, it’s really important that you take extra precautions for your safety. And I’m not talking about wearing headphones or watching out for traffic. If you run alone, then you need to watch the following short video I posted to my Facebook page.   Running Safety Tips Posted by Beverly Smith on Wednesday, […]

So what’s it going to take?

Having a race to train for, participating in a challenge or keeping a streak alive is a great motivator to get out the door and go running, go to the gym and to make better dietary choices. But what about those times when your motivation wains? Your goals and dreams are big, but why can’t […]

4 Tips for Runners With Desk Jobs

Runners who sit at a desk all day may find themselves becoming less flexible and more likely to get injured. When you sit for 6 to 8 hours a day your muscles adapt to that position. You’ll find over time that your hamstrings are tighter as well as your back and shoulders.  The good news […]

3 Tips to Overcome a Setback

A setback really messes with your head. You find yourself wondering if you will ever get back to your previous level of fitness. Sometimes you even wonder if you have what it takes. Before you know it your wallowing in self pity and your confidence is fragile at best. The good news is that finding […]