Dear Marathoner, Half Marathoner, Local Road Racer, Competitive Runner, Running Enthusiast and anyone wanting to improve their running:

During my 35 plus years of running, improving the quality of my diet as had the biggest impact on my running. At the age of 48, one year after promising to never run another marathon because of how bad I felt before during and after the race, I ran an almost 20 minute PR! Not only that, but I healed myself of lymphocytic colitis with limited used of meds and a major overhaul to my diet.

Over the last two years I have asked God to show me how I can use my accomplishments to help others improve their running and their health. I spent 3 years battling injuries and illness, and now I’m able to train and race consistently because I have learned to nourish my body.

I personally want to impact the lives of other runners by showing them what it feels like to run when your healthy, have tons of energy, sleep through the night without sleep aides, and feel light on your feet.


Did you take up running to lose weight and get healthy, but wonder why that last 10 pounds won’t budge and you feel like crap?



Have you tried the latest diet trends only to find yourself famished every afternoon and not having enough energy to run?



Do you wonder why you always feel bloated and still have belly fat even though you run all the time?



Do you struggle with brain fog and feel like your always dragging despite drinking caffeine all day?



How’s your sleep? Do you toss and turn all night? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you rely on sleep aids? Do you feel groggy when the alarm goes off?


Start Date:

Prep starts on Sunday, November 6th and Detox begins on Monday, November 14th

End Date:

Final Day is Friday, November 18th

Registration Ends: 

Saturday, November 5th

It doesn’t have to be this way and I am going to show you why the traditional weight loss diets that your sedentary friends eat, will not work for you and what you can do about it!

Happy that it was so easy to kick the sugar and coffee habits.  Sound, restful sleep was an unexpected bonus. I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night hungry. I was down 4.5 lbs this morning  and ate a lot of really good food throughout the week.  Love the recipes and am most excited about that aspect!

Sharon S, Maumelle, AR

I weighed in Friday morning and I was excited to see the results. Yay!!!! I enjoyed the program a great deal. The recipes were good and easy to follow and I have regained the discipline I once had and I have lost along the way. Thanks Bev for helping us try to live a better and healthier lifestyle. I really appreciate it.

Marlene M , Maumelle, AR

Well I weighed in this morning and great results!! 5.8 lb loss, 2 inches and 1 percent body fat! I eat well anyway but think I stick to it and was a little more strict just being part of an accountability group. Hoping this weekend I won’t blow it all and get way off track. Crazy thing is right now I don’t even want to and not hungry for anything or missing anything really. Thank you Beverly for the Runner’s Detox plan and recipes and giving us those daily doses of motivation. You are the best.

Kelli H , Heber Springs, AR

When starting this week I didn’t feel confident in myself to have strong will power. This morning I checked my weight…almost 4 lbs down! Couldn’t believe it. Dealing with the stress of the last week of school and a sick kid, I didn’t think it would be so much!! Very happy! Beverly Smith your pretty amazing.

Natalie R, Pangburn, AR

I really noticed the taste of food while doing the Runner’s Detox! I have more energy too.

Marilyn L , Maumelle, AR

I lost 4.5 pounds and am less bloated. I have slept like a log all week! It’s been wonderful not needing anything to sleep! Took all the supplements plus a thyroid support supplement. And I finished first place overall in a local 5K the Saturday after the Runner’s Detox.

Michelle H, Evening Shade, AR

I’m going to show you how to banish:





brain fog






sleepless nights



sluggish runs


All without deprivation or dieting.

The Runner’s Detox is designed to kick start healthy eating habits that will prime your body to get the most out of your workouts and leaving you feeling your best.

Start Date: Prep starts on November 6th and Detox begins on Monday, November 14th

End Date: Final  Day is Friday, November 18th

Registration Ends: Saturday, November 5th

What’s Included

We’ll spend the first week prepping for your 5-day Runner’s detox at your own pace. I’ll send you everything you need to ensure your success right to your inbox.

The Runner’s Detox Getting Started Guide


A Shopping List


Supplement Recommendations


Meal Plans


The Runner’s Detox Success Tips and Body Care Guide


Access to our private Facebook Forum for support and questions


The detox portion of the Runner’s Detox lasts 5 days beginning on Monday and ending on Friday. During this time you will receive daily support from me via email and in the Facebook forum. Participation in the forum is not required, but I’ve found that past participants get more out of their detox by stopping by even if they just read the posts.

After the detox, I’ll show you how to add back in foods that weren’t on the detox and which foods you should skip or eat only occasionally. Many participants feel so much better that they continue to eat a diet similar to the detox and have told me they no longer crave or miss the foods they used to eat.

Who is the Runner’s Detox for:

  • + Someone who is sick of sluggish and crappy runs +
  • + Someone who is tired of brain fog and feeling lethargic +
  • + Someone who wants to say buh-bye to a bloated belly +
  • + Someone who wants to sleep through the night without taking a sleep aide +
  • + Someone who wants to learn how to eat healthy without the deprivation of a diet +

Who is the Runner’s Detox not for…

  •  Someone who thinks running negates pizza and beer or half a pan of brownies +
  •  Someone who is looking for a quick fix when it comes to weight loss +
  •  Someone who plans to return to their old habits after the detox +
  •  Someone who wants to learn but has no intention of taking action +

Bonus #1

The Foundations – This introductory yoga video is a perfect compliment to the Runner’s Detox because it facilitates mindfulness and relaxation. The poses taught can be modified to make a great post run stretching routine.
(A $15 Value)

Bonus #2

10 Easy & Nutritious Recipes for Runners – This recipe ebook includes 10 of my favorite dishes that are delicious, easy to make, and packed with nutrients that every runner needs to fuel up for a great workout. All the recipes are not only gluten free, but grain free high-carb options perfect for runners. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland and boring. This recipe ebook is perfect for those wishing to implement the strategies they learned in my Eat Better Run Better Course and realize long term benefits they got from the Runner’s Detox.
(Normally $27)

Start Date: Prep starts on November 6th and Detox begins on Monday, November 14th

End Date: Final Day is Friday, November 18th

Registration Ends: Saturday, November 5th








Note: The Runner’s Detox is a 10 day mentoring program with value added content that I have spent hours researching and compiling and it has changed lives. Please don’t think that you can purchase it and ask for a refund. My prayer is that you do not condone such fraudulent activities, but if you do so, consider yourself warned. To purchase and then refund violates digital media copyrights and is against the law.

Legal Disclaimer:  All material in this detox is intended for educational and informational purposes only, and is by no means a substitute for professional medical advice. Information or nutritional advice should not be used for diagnosis or treatment of a health related issue. I use my best efforts, skills, and care, but I make no guarantees about the information and recommendations provided.

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