How to Make Meals More Nutritious Without Changing Your Diet

Did you know that good nutrition involves more that just the foods you eat? Watch this short video and I’ll teach you how you can make your meals more nutritious without even changing your diet. Caveat: this is not a license to eat all the unhealthy processed foods you want! You still need high quality […]

How to Eliminate Boredom from Healthy Eating

Your not alone if the idea of healthy eating conjures of images of celery sticks, canned tuna, and low fat cottage cheese. It may even bring to mind feelings of deprivation as you force yourself to eat a bland low fat diet. I know because for years I felt this way. I knew I needed […]

How to Get Your Teenage Runner to Eat Better: 5 Simple Tips

Over the weekend I spoke to a group of teenage triathletes about nutrition. While I was preparing what to share with them I couldn’t help but wonder if they would even be interested in nutrition. I knew that these kids were serious competitors much like myself so I hoped to appeal to this side of […]

8 Grain Free High-Carb Foods for Runners

Last summer when I made the decision to go grain free as part of healing my lymphocytic colitis, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. Not skeptical that eating a grain free diet would help my colitis, but I was not sure that I would be able to successfully increase my mileage and […]

The truth about fat: What a runner should know

Back when I used to religiously follow a low fat diet, it was not uncommon for me to be out on a run and “fall out” as I called it. I would suddenly feel lethargic and light headed. Sometimes everything seemed really bright and I could hardly see. And I would worry that I might […]

The surprising solution for runner’s trots

Many runners tend to have loose bowel movements and believe that the last thing they need to do is to add more fiber to their diets. I know because I was that runner. You know the one who barely made it to the race awards because she was still in the bathroom after the race. […]

Do runners really need probiotics?

Probiotics: There seems to be more discussion and more advertisements centered around them. But what are they and do runners really need them? Well first off, probiotics are not just another supplement out there being marketed to you. In fact you already have them right inside your body. More specifically they make up the microflora […]

How I Improved My Running by Improving My Health

2015 was a game changing year for me. About the time I was ready to step up my trainingĀ for my summer races, I started having horrible diarrhea and stomach cramps that made it unbearable to lay flat or stand up. In May I discovered I had an umbilical hernia and in June I was diagnosed […]

A Fresh Start: It’s easier than you think

Happy New Year! This time of year it’s natural for us to want to set goals, make changes and begin the year with a fresh start. You may have already picked out a couple of races that you want to run in this year and are determined to get to the start line injury free […]

How Much Fluid Do You Really Need to Beat the Heat?

Staying hydrated will make a huge difference in how you feel both during and after your workouts. It is also important to keep your electrolytes balanced and watch your caffeine consumption. But how much fluids do you really need to drink each day? The answer might surprise you!   Everyday Regardless of Your Activity, Start […]